Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities
(PDF Format – You will need the Adobe Reader) This 48-page publication contains information that can help you organize a personal disaster plan. Checklists and extra space are included for you or your helper to use to organize information that will help you prepare for a disaster.

Special Needs & Concerns: Disaster Preparedness for People With Disabilities
by the American Red Cross - Summary of the full document (above).

Pets and Disaster: Be Prepared
by the American Red Cross - How you can be prepared to protect your pets when disaster strikes.

Evacuating Wheelchair Users
by Disabled People and Disaster Planning - Information about wheelchairs for people that may help with evacuations.

Assisting People With Disabilities In A Disaster
by FEMA- Tips for providing assistance to people with disabilities.

by the American Red Cross - About purchasing and using a generator.

Emergency Procedures for Employees with Disabilities in Office Occupancies
by the United States Fire Administration - Options for facilities managers and individuals who might need special assistance to discuss about notification and evacuation during an emergency.

Fire Risks Series
by the United States Fire Administration - This report series discusses the increased fire risks for four groups of the general population:

  1. Older adults
  2. The mobility impaired
  3. The deaf or hard of hearing
  4. The blind or visually impaired