Large Animals

Disasters can take many forms – hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, fires, hazardous materials

It is recognized that any emergency situation that threatens humans also threatens both domestic and wild animals. It may be necessary to provide water, shelter, food, and medical treatment for pets, livestock, and wildlife affected during an emergency situation.

Hurricane Evacuations - Disaster Preparedness for Horses and Livestock

When sheltering operations are begun, Brazos County Emergency Management is asking evacuees to go to Veterans Park off Harvey Road in College Station where evacuees will be given shelter assignments and then directed to an appropriate facility for the animals.

If you are evacuating to the Brazos County area and you are bringing horses and/or other livestock, please bring the following:

  • proof of Coggins tests
  • vaccination and health records
  • identification photographs
  • any other vital information

It is recommended that those records be put in a watertight envelope. Keep the papers close so they can be reached quickly.

There will be a charge to house horses in Brazos County - $15 per horse stall and an additional $8 for the first day for 1 bag of shavings. Bedding must be purchased onsite; additional bags will be available for purchase if desired at the $8 per bag price. This fee is being charged to defray costs incurred by the county for sheltering horses. There is no charge anticipated at this time for livestock, other than horses.

Animals will be triaged upon arrival and assessed to determine if any medical assistance is needed.

Be sure to have a supply of food, hay, and medications for your animals. A list of suppliers can be made available if these items need to be purchased during your stay here. Water will be provided at no cost.

Each horse should have a halter marked with the horse’s name, owner’s name, owner’s telephone information, including an emergency telephone number where someone can be reached.

Brazos County will change this website to indicate when sheltering operations will begin.